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International Journal of Network Security

1. Extension of PCL Theory and Its Application in Improved CCITT X.509 Analysis
Lei Yu, Zhi-Yao Yang, and Ze-Peng Zhuo
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2. Two Lightweight Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols Using Physically Unclonable Function with Privacy Protection
Dan Zhu, Liwei Wang, and Hongfeng Zhu
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3. Privacy-Preserving and Verifiable Electronic Voting Scheme Based on Smart Contract of Blockchain
Ting Liu, Zhe Cui, Hongjiang Du, and Zhihan Wu
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4. An Identity Authentication Scheme of Energy Internet Based on Blockchain
Xiuxia Tian, Xi Chen, and Siqian Li
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5. Enhanced Deduplication Protocol for Side Channel in Cloud Storages
Jie Ouyang, Huiran Zhang, Hongqing Hu, Xiao Wei, and Dongbo Dai
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6. Security Bound of Biclique Attacks on AES-128
Xiaoli Dong and Jie Che
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7. Visible 3D-model Watermarking Algorithm for 3D-Printing Based on Bitmap Fonts
Changchun Yan, Guoyou Zhang, Anhong Wang, Li Liu, and Chin-Chen Chang
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8. Personalized K-In&Out-Degree Anonymity Method for Large-scale Social Networks Based on Hierarchical Community Structure
XiaoLin Zhang, Jiao Liu, HongJing Bi, Jian Li, and YongPing Wang
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9. An Efficient Lossless Dual Images Secret Sharing Scheme Using Turtle Shell Reference Matrix
Jiang-Yi Lin, Yu Chen,Chin-Chen Chang, and Yu-Chen Hu
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