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International Journal of Network Security

1. Artificial Neural Network Model for Decrease Rank Attack Detection in RPL Based on Internet of Things Networks
Musa Osman, Jingsha He, Fawaz Mahiuob Mohammed Mokbal, and Nafei Zhu
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2. Blockchain Data Sharing Scheme Based on Searchable Agent Re-Encryption
Tao Feng, Hongmei Pei, Pengshoou Xie, and Xiaoqing Feng
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3. Decentralizing Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Access Control Scheme with Fully Hidden Policy
Leyou Zhang, Juan Ren, Li Kang, and Baocang Wang
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4. Fast Scalar Multiplication Algorithms Based on 5P+Q of Elliptic Curve over GF(3^m)
Shuang-Gen Liu, Xiang Wang, Yao-Wei Liu, and Dong-Juan Li
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5. Large-Scale Social Network Privacy Protection Method for Protecting K-Core
Jian Li, Xiaolin Zhang, Jiao Liu, Lu Gao, Huanxiang Zhang, and Yueyang Feng
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6. Research on Dynamic Social Network Anonymity Technology for Protecting Community Structure
Na Li, Xiao-Lin Zhang, Yong-Ping Wang, Jian Li, and Li-Xin Liu
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7. RingCoin: An Accountable Mix for Achieving Bitcoin Anonymity
Albert Kofi Kwansah Ansah
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8. Analysis and Improvement of Otway-Rees based on Enhanced Authentication Tests
Lei Yu, Yu-Yan Guo, Ze-Peng Zhuo, and Shi-Min Wei
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9. S-PPOC: Multi-scheme Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Classification
Kwabena Owusu-Agyemeng, Zhen Qin,Hu Xiong,Tianming Zhuang, Liu Yao, and Zhiguang Qin
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