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International Journal of Network Security

1. Isogeny-based Quantum-resistant Undeniable Blind Signature Scheme
M. Seshadri Srinath, V. Chandrasekaran
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2. New Protocol E-DNSSEC to Enhance DNSSEC Security
Kaouthar Chetioui, Ghizlane Orhanou, Said El Hajji
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3. New Intrusion Detection System Based on Support Vector Domain Description with Information Gain Metric
Mohamed El Boujnouni and Mohamed Jedra
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4. Establishing Systems Secure from Research with Implementation in Encryption Algorithms
Mikhail Styugin
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5. A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System: Integrating Hybrid Feature Selection Approach with Heterogeneous Ensemble of Intelligent Classifiers
Amrita and Kiran Kumar Ravulakollu
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